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Brax Laundry Card System

We use a card system so you don’t have to carry around quarters.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use the Brax Laundry Card.

Pay with cash, credit or debit card, EBT, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payments do you accept?

We take cash (bills), credit, debit, EBT, GPay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

How do I register my card?

Please register your card right away at the payment center in the laundromat.  Registered cards can be replaced, minus a small replacement fee.  Treat unregistered cards like cash.

To register your card, place the card in the card holder on the payment center, and push the Registration button.  Enter your name, phone number and email.

You can also register your card online, here.

We don’t give or sell your information to anyone.

Can I get a refund?

If you have a machine issue, we can refund the cost of the machine to your card.  Simply fill out our refund form.

You may receive a full refund of your Brax Laundry card or LaundryCat app balance, minus unused bonus dollars.

Please request refunds using our refund form or see an attendant for a paper refund form.

Funds will only be refunded through a check mailed to you. We cannot refund you in cash.

Please allow 14 days to receive a refund check.

Brax Laundry reserves the right to deny refunds on unregistered cards, or if we suspect fraud.

Lost cards can be replaced if they are registered. Unregistered cards cannot be replaced or refunded and must be treated like cash.


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